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Welcome to COVID Data

Welcome to Covid Data an off shoot from Covid Reports. Covid Reports will not be updated from this point forward, it is clear that the pandemic is finally over however, I will keep COVID Reports live for historical purpopses. The website can be viewed at

COVID Reports was created in May 2020 when the data fraud started to become apparent and it was my attempt at showing people that we were being lied to and in fact it was only the elderly who were at risk and none of the NPI’s were justified and that no body under 50 needed the vaccine. I included an API enabling individuals with some Python knowledge to download data and create graphs. COVID Reports was designed to open peoples eyes, I did not include any complicated analysis as this could turn people off. I simply displayed the data breaking it down in to different age groups showing associated risks to each age group.

COVID Data will look at historical data to prove that what was said was based on lies and they knew they were lying at the time. This website will be full of articles analysing data showing just how we were all conned. I will be creating one article every week discussing just how bad the data fraud really was.

The below video is a summary of how COVID evolved, this You Tube channel is not affiliated with COVID Data, I viewed it and was impressed with the analysis so I included it here as a primer ;